The list of brokers associated with PSBA.



  1.  All members shall abide by the Memorandum and Articles of the Association and its bye-laws, rules and regulations. Members shall also abide be any decisions that may be taken by the Executive Committee and/or the General Body at their meetings from time to time.
  2. Members shall observe the norms of professional ethics and business morality and instill a feeling of confidence in understanding among all concerned .
  3. Members shall supply all relevant information that may be called for from them. PSBA shall make sure to safeguard the secrecy of any information.
  4. No members shall say or do anything in public or private circles which may effect the reputation of the Association. 
  5. Disputes between members, if any, will be brought up for discussion and resolution thereof.
  6. Members shall also not indulge in any unfair practices or acts, and behave in a manner detrimental to the reputation or interests of the brokerage industry.
  7. Members shall keep the interest of the Association above their personal interests at all costs and shall not involve themselves in any activity which may directly or indirectly undermine the authority of the Association or affect its interest, reputation and goodwill.
  8. If any member inconspicuously commits any breach of this code of conduct, he shall at once bring it to notice of the Association for suitable remedial action.
  9. No members at the course of deliberations at a meeting shall be sarcastic or injure the feelings of other members by direct or indirect remarks.

In the event of the violation of the Code of Ethics and the Articles and Memorandum of Association by any member, the section of “RESIGNATION REMOVAL AND EXPULSION FROM MEMBERSHIP” of the Articles of Association shall be invoked and the matter will be referred to the Executive Committee for such action as it may deem fit in the light of the Articles.