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March 22, 2024

detail regarding brokerage commission

February 21, 2023

multiple audits/inspections/reviews

June 8, 2022

Comments on proposed amendments to PSX regulations

March 18, 2022

inclusion of cash & value of eligible securities, in excess of BMC liability, in NCB & LC request regarding

March 18, 2022

new trading termina - as part of NTS

March 18, 2022

consolidation of regulatory audits/inspections of securities brokers into joint inspection regime

February 18, 2022

filing of appeal by the aggrieved tre certificate holder

January 4, 2022

Silver bundle in respect of I.T.service charges

December 7, 2021

implementation of revised formats of client's assets segregation statement (CASS) and its online submission through thims

December 7, 2021

trading of equity securities on growth enterprise market (GEM)

December 2, 2021

proposed amendments to futures eligibility criteria for selection of securities

November 26, 2021

Data for national risk assessment 2021

November 18, 2021

Comments on proposed amendments to chapter 7 (proprietary trading regualtions) of PSX rule book

October 25, 2021

Request for extension in submission of annual audited accounts

September 29, 2021

Silver bundle in respect of I.T.service charges

September 10, 2021

futures eligibility criteria for selection of securities

September 8, 2021

Miserable condition of parking area

July 8, 2021

futures eligibility criteria for selection of securities eligible for trading in deliverable futures contract (DFC) and cash settled future contract (CSF) markets

July 6, 2021

approved amendments to pakistan stock exchange (PSX) regulations relating to base minimum capital

June 28, 2021

list of eligible securities for trading in DFC

June 10, 2021

submission of auditor certificate for compliance with minimum standards of broker back office system and information security requirements

May 31, 2021

Implementation of new trading system

April 16, 2021

availability of backup power for 24 hours

April 13, 2021

implementation of the new trading system

January 1, 2021

comments/feedback on new reporting system for securities brokers

December 21, 2020

difficulties in compliance of rule 22.2(c) of PSX rule book eligibility criteria for opening of office(s)/branch office(s)

December 18, 2020

eligibility criteria for obtaining Tre certificate

November 19, 2020

working of liquid capital and net capital balance

October 7, 2020

calculation of net capital balance

September 7, 2020

comments on proposed revision in trading fee

September 1, 2020

relaxation in application of concentration in margin financing in liquid capital filing

August 26, 2020

proposals for development of capital market

August 18, 2020

client's assets under broker's custody

August 13, 2020

status of Tre certificate

August 12, 2020

mandatory requirement for submission of client's assets segregation statement