About PSBA

PSBA aims to protect the right of its members and to promote the Stock Brokerage Industry.



Company profile

Pakistan Stock Brokers Association (PSBA) has been established on February 3, 2020, and formally incorporated on July 27, 2020, as a Company limited by guarantee. PSBA aims to protect the rights of its members and to promote the Stock Brokerage Industry. PSBA educates its members on  market structure issues while representing their interests with legislators, regulators and other organizations. PSBA keep their members informed on industry trends and provide unique opportunities for its members for their better understanding on the issue likely to effect their business. PSBA is committed to promoting their good will and fostering high standards of integrity in accord with its founding principle, and playing an active role in presenting problems of its members and safeguarding their interests through constant dialogue with all the relevant authorities.

whom we represent?

PSBA is a professional body representing the TREC Holders/Stock Brokers of Pakistan Stock Exchange who provides “Equity Brokerage Services” on all-Pakistan basis.